Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Little Piece Of The World Wide Web

I am so proud of my web site and all the work my friend Anelys as been doing on the site. The portfolio part is starting to come together this weekend and I am thrilled as people can now see some of my work just a few clicks away on my site .
The site is very user friendly, allot of fun and booking a shoot is very easy. It is so much more than I ever imagined when I started this adventure with Anelys a short 6 weeks ago. She is an amazing designer and please make sure you check out her work on her website and there is also a link on my web site .

I sure appreciate all the kind words of encouragement the last months when I have been starting up my business all your love and help has been pushing me forward and just so you all know it I am still going to need loads in the future :o)

To Leon : You are my rock and my main support - I don't think there is a word , a sentence , a paragraph, a chapter or a book that can describe the love that I feel for you . You bring me up when I am down and you level me out when I am flying to high - Carma came to me the day we decided to fight the battles of life together forever. You are my everything .

To my family that support me : Without you I am nothing - thank you

To my friends : You know who you are and what you do to make my life brighter - thank you so much for making my life shine just a little more every day.

To my children that never complain when I take their photo : You are the reason I get up every morning , you 5 are the reason I smile and the reason I cry, you are the most fantastic people on the earth and I can not believe how blessed I am to have you all in my life.

To my customers that alowe me to stop time for them - I will not disapoint you - Thank you .

Thank you all.

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